Estonia's First Fine Wine Investment Service

First time for private investor in Estonia!

Burgundy best wines by bottle from Hospices de Beaune wine auction!

LeVinum helps you, classical investor, to widen your portfolio with alternative asset.

Do you prefer to make a long-term investment to secure your retirement or speculate on top wines when they are matured in a barrel to win 2-3 times the price by going to the bottle?

Lowest market price, storage and secondary market service - all from one place.​

Invest in wines without VAT!



LeVinum provides a wine storage service also for your own wines. Only 2 euros + VAT per year. Right climate and secured wine cellars to give your wines the longest lifetime!



Our main goal is to innovate the world of wine investments.

Investing in wines isn't a niche subject only for true wine enthusiasts.

It is profitable long term investment with average annual return 13% with period 10+ years.

for an investor

Invest in wines to diversify your portfolio and hedge agains financial crises. 

for a wine enthusiast

Store your wines in LeVinum's wine cellars in safe and proper conditions. 

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