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Estonia's First Fine Wine Investment Service

Best investment value of Bordeaux 2018 with lowest prices!

LeVinum is the first platform to provide a full wine investment solution to make it easy and convenient for an investor to invest in fine wine. LeVinum provides everything from purchasing the wine to storing it on proper conditions to developing a marketplace, where the investor can sell their wine. 

Our main goal is to innovate the world of wine investments and change the mindset that investing in wines is a niche subject and only for true wine enthusiasts. LeVinum also provides a wine storage service for true wine enthusiasts. 

for an investor
for a wine enthusiast

How it works? 

1. LeVinum provides a selection of fine wines that have been pre-selected by experienced fine wine specialists and sommeliers. 

2. Ordered wines will be transported to LeVinum's wine cellars located in Estonian manors. 

3. In manors the wines will be stored in proper conditions. 

4. After storage period wines can be sold on LeVinum's marketplace (currently under development) or let the wines be delivered for yourself to enjoy. 

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