At LeVinum our mission is to make investing in wines easier for you. Investing in fine wine is a strategic decision to diversify and secure your portfolio against financial crises.


Fine wine investments offer low risk and high returns. Our wine experts concentrate on the best wine regions - 

Bordeaux, Burgundia and Toscana. 

Investing in wine can also be a strategic decision to optimize costs of a special drink to celebrate special occasions. Fine wine is an elegant and delicious pleasure and would be an excellent way to celebrate special occasions.


Pick out and purchase the wines you would like to invest in LeVinum's store


Your wines will be sent automatically to LeVinum's cellars


At a recommended time or earlier you can either sell your wines for a profit


order them to your location to enjoy yourself (delivery time 3 days in Estonia, 7-14 days in Europe)


Investment return and price

  • The average annual return of fine wine investment is 13-15%. Source:

  • We guarantee the best retail price (all costs and taxes included) in the whole Baltic and Nordic region for our wines.

  • We compare prices with Cellar-Watch and Wine-Searcher for buying wines. But for knowledge Wine-Searcher have prices without taxes and transportation costs, but our prices are final with all costs.

  • The annual storage cost is only 2 euros per bottle.

  • LeVinum has a buy-back guarantee for every wine bottle bought from us that has kept in our cellars.

Red Wine Tasting


  • Store your wines in LeVinum premium wine cellars.

  • Wines have been kept in proper conditions: temperature in between 12-14 °C, humidity 60-70%, no vibration and no lights on wines.

  • We have built high quality wine cellars in old Estonian manors. At the moment we have available cellars in Atla Manor, Raplamaa.

Wine Bottles

Insurance, certificate and safety

  • All LeVinum wine cellars and wines have full insurance. That minimize all your risks with wines.

  • Each wine is provided with a complete history certificate about transportation and owner details.

  • Quarterly report is available for each wine from our portfolio.

  • LeVinum wine cellars are secured by modern security systems what include cameras and moving sensors in all cellars.

A glass of wine


  • In Estonia we deliver wines straight to your doorsteps in three days. Express delivery (within one day) is also possible.

  • We deliver wines in cooperation with the best known high-class transportation service provider in Estonia - Omniva.

  • Depends on your needs we can offer delivery with 7-14 days for all over the Europe.

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