Why invest into wines?

A well-diversified portfolio is essential for managing risk and countering periods of volatility in the market. A traditional portfolio includes a mix of stocks and bonds, but there are a host of alternative investment possibilities to choose from. 

Wine investment is one of them. Similar to investing in fine art or antique cars, wine investments center on the acquisition of a tangible asset whose value is expected to appreciate over time. In this case, you're purchasing and storing bottles of wine, in anticipation of selling them at a higher price point later. 

Väärisveinide investor

  • 12 kuud väärisveine

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
    • Veinide keskmine turuväärtust vähemalt 60 eurot
    • 90+ punkti maailma tippkriitikutelt ja veiniajakirjadelt
    • Veinibörsi Liv-ex maailma tipptase - Fine Wine 1000
    • (NB! Täpsem kirjeldus paketi valikul)
  • Igakuine püsimakse

    Every month
    Investeerite järjekindlalt iga kuu väärisveinidesse
    • Veini keskmine turuväärtust vähemalt 50 eur
    • Vähemalt 90 punkti kahe maailma tippkriitiku poolt
    • Cult Wines või Berry Bros. väärisveinide portfellis
    • Vein on kauplemisplatvormi Liv-ex 1000 nimekirjas
    • (NB! Täpsem kirjeldus paketi valikul)