Gift wine that matures in 10 years!

Make an amazing emotional gift to your beloved ones.

Some things get old, our wine matures!

We store it for you in our certified wine cellar while it gets better with every next year.

All wine in our cellars is insured and secured from any kind of natural disaster.

You can sell it or take it out from our wine cellar any time you want.

Our wine grows in price as it matures while you are sleeping!

How does it work?

You buy a wine in our e-shop.

You should buy a wine and choose a wine hosting package: 10, 15 or 20 years. For hosting a wine we charge only 2€ per year.

We deliver it from wine yard to our wine cellar

We will get you wine directly from producers wine yard and place it into one of ours wince cellars.

We send you an owners certificate

We will provide you a paper that will proove that you have a wone stored and secured in our wine cellars.

Wine stays at our wine cellar

You wine will be stored and secured in our cellar with all necessary conditions. All bottles are covered by insurance. With every year wine gets mature it raise in price.

You can take it out any time you like

Providing your certificate you can get your wine at any time. It can be a special occasion in 10 or 20 years. All that time wine will rest and wait for you.

Buy your wine and gift a certificate to your friend

With years wine get only better and more expensive

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