LeVinum makes investing in wines as comfortable as possible for you. We bring out every month new short sortiment fine wines to make the decision-making process quick and convenient for you.

You can request certain wines from us too. We find best price offer to you from global market. We are offering every year full list of En Primeur Bordeaux wines. In addition, we have the following best connections.

  •  Burgundy - Domaine Faiveley

  •  Rhone - Chateau Beaucastel and Stephane Ogier

  •  Italy - Masseto, Massetino, Bibi Graetz

  •  USA - Opus One, Dominus and Quintessa

  •  Chile - Sena and Almaviva


We have two main categories

Classical investments mean wines that are world class and a must for every wine investor. It also means lower risk and stable returns.


Rising stars mean wines that have recently shown rapid growth in popularity and price. So, while they are higher risk, they may show some amazing growth in your portfolio.

VAT terms


0% KM - It means you store fine wine in LeVinum's excise house conditions. It gives more possibilities to sell wine in secondary market also in B2B. In addition, there is maximum transparency of wine and you can reschedule the tax commitment to the end consumer.

20% KM - This is the right choice if you are buying wine for yourself for the future in Estonia or you know that you will definitely take the wine out of the wine cellar one day. Because in the future, VAT will have to be paid at market value, and in the future it would mean a larger amount than you already pay today.

Storage service cost

The storage fee per bottle is 2 euros per year + VAT